List of Medium collections

List of Medium collections

I couldn’t find a comprehensive list of Medium collections—specially organized by number of followers, so I thought I’d make a list of my own.

As a reader of Medium, it’s kind of hard sometimes to find collections that are interesting to you (their search page only shows a few results at a time). As a writer, the most important thing is picking the right collection(s)—or you’ll never get noticed—but there is no easy way to do that.

This is a list of Medium collections, organized by category/number of followers (as of April 25, 2014).

All collections with lots of subscribers are here (although I’ve also added some interesting ones or some in a few categories where there’s not a lot of stuff).

Enjoy. :-)



on management (6.9K)

How might we create and run organizations more effectively?

Business, Strategy, Vision (487)

Everything about Business Creativity, Initiative, Advices, Successes and Failures. Teach and Learn. Collection curated by PeerGum.

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Teaching & Learning (8.4K)

Exploring, celebrating, and challenging how we teach, learn, and thus grow together.

Culture Club (7.3K)

Fresh and Feisty points of view on Culture and Identity from all angles: Travel to Tech, Pop to Politics, Fashion to Food to Family, and everything in between. Take a look. You’ll see. To contribute, email me here:

Changing City (5.3K)

A forum for all things urban. Explore changes in transportation, infrastructure, economic development, and more. Tell your city story.

LadyBits on Medium (5.1K)

Tech-savvy women creating the content we want to consume. Accepting submissions at

Futures Exchange (5.1K)

Today, as seen from tomorrow.

Pop of Culture (5K)

Reality TV, gossip magazines, fantasy sports, superheroes, country music, and everything else you love or hate (or love to hate) about pop culture

Armchair Economics (4.6K)

“I am not one of those who in expressing opinions confine themselves to facts.” ― Mark Twain

Gender Justice/Feminism (4K)

Media, politics, culture, life through an inclusive gender justice lens. Collection started by @SARAHMSELTZER, managing submissions along with @JEREICHWRITES @COLLIER and @JONATHONCOMFORT. Opinions expressed are the writers’ alone.

Open Source Family (3.9K)

The new choices, changing social norms, reproductive technologies, and on-going challenges of the post-nuclear family

The T.V. Age (3.4K)

This is what we talk about when we talk about television. Follow us on Twitter: @TheTVAGE

Law of the Land (2.1K)

With liberty and justice for all?

Inspire the World (454)

Everyone needs a little inspiration to either begin or continue. Inspire the world with a short quote or a novel of dreams waiting to be reached.

Religion, Spirituality, and Philosophy (383)

Write about belief, disbelief, Jesus, the Devil, or Darwin’s beard. It’s not rude to talk religion if someone asks you to.

The Future of Education (315)

Curated posts on education, pedagogy and edtech startups

To Inspire (148)

Thoughts and ideas that inspire.

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Product Design (11K)

How to Make Great Things

This Could be Better (7.5K)

Questionable design decisions, being questioned

User Experience Design (UX) (2.8K)

Usability, UX Design, Information Architecture, Interaction Design and whatnot.

UX / UI Design (2.1K)

Web and Mobile User Experience and Interface Design, Usability and Awesomeness. Curated by @davidzendoval

UX/UI human interfaces (2.1K)

Interfaces, User Experience, Develop, Design, Apps, Android, iOS, and everythig about it

Web Design Technique (1.7K)

Collective knowledge on the web’s modern era. Discussions on responsive layouts, content-first design, development, and process.

Creative Idea, Product Design, etc (1.3K)

What is your design idea? UI Design, Graphic Design, Web Design etc are all welcome.

Coding & Design (1000)

All about coding and designing for the web — from HTML, jQuery and CSS to the deep recesses of the art of coding.

Web Design and Development (784)

Write about what’s right about the web

UX / User Interface  (700)

Inspire UX & User Interface

{ Design and Creativity } (503)

graphic design + communication art + innovative thinking

Web Design (383)

Making the Web a nicer place.

Design , Creativity, Life (306)

A collection of musings on Design and Creativity

Design Thinking (227)

All things related to design

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Money & Banking (351)

Financial & Economic Commentary

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For the Love of Food (5.1K)

Repasts and Reflections —Thinking About, Eating, and Cooking Food

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Play Time (3.3K)

Videogames, board games, freeze tag – if you can play it, we’ll be talking about it. (photo by Hinke)

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Geek Empire (Curated) (5.8K)

Sometime in the last decade, geeks took over the world. Geek Empire celebrates their triumph over movies, TV, games and more. Curated by Stu Horvath | Twitter: @TheGeekEmpire

Weird Future (5.1K)

These are strange times.

Geek Empire (403)

Sometime in the last decade, the geeks took over the world. Geek Empire celebrates their triumph over movies, TV, games and more. Curated by Stu Horvath | Twitter: @TheGeekEmpire

Future of Currency (311)


Hacker Culture (204)

Commentary on the culture surrounding computer programming

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Comedy Corner (7.1K)

A haven for humorous hilarity

The Nib  (5.7K)

Political cartoons, comics journalism, humor and non-fiction. Words plus pictures.

Comedy, Humor, & Satire (251)

Essays, lists, rants, bits, gags, toots.

Funny Stuff (155)

Medium posts that are funny. Does anybody remember laughter?

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Better Humans (15K)

Intelligent Ideas for Upgrading Yourself

Life Hacks (12K)

It’s your life. Make it worth.

What I Learned Today (9.8K)

Reflect on your day by sharing one thing that you learned. Mistakes are welcome.

Architecting A Life (9.2K)

thoughts on personal development

Lessons Learned (8.8K)

And thoughts about them.

Who I Am (5.9K)

Who are you? Tell us about yourself! (Photo credit: Stew Dean)

Human Parts (5.8K)

Human Parts explores the patchwork of the human condition through personal writing. | Twitter: @Human_Parts | To contribute, email

Dear (blank), (5.6K)

Letters that probably won’t be sent, but should be. (Photo: Joel Kramer)

Unforgettable Moments (4.8K)

A first date, a new job, the birth of a child, or a tragic event. This collection is made up of moments that profoundly changed your life or your outlook on it.

American Dreamers (4.8K)

American Dreamers brings together the optimists, mavericks and mad inventors who believe we can create a better world. Read the dreams of others and share your own. How can we make the future a brighter place? Tell us.

My Modern Marriage (2.9K)

Thoughts on marriage today

Life Learning (2.4K)

A publication that honors: personal growth, real education, antifragility, and success (the progressive realization of a worthy ideal).

Life Tips. (1.7K)

Just figuring the best way to be you.

Health & Fitness (753)

Articles about health, fitness, and good living

Advice to Graduates (594)

They’re young. They just walked across the stage. But they could use a little advice.

Improve your life (478)

Articles that can help you live a more sustainable happy healthy life

Understandings & Epiphanies (476)

Ideas. Whether they percolated or hit you so hard they caused whiplash.

Let’s get coffee (474)

Stories and thoughts about dating. Get updates via Twitter @LetsGetACoffee

Reflections on Life (416)

Stories about life lived well or otherwise

Question Everything (343)

This is a collection about questioning assumptions, learning from life, and searching for meaning; a collection about finding signal is this noisy world we live in—about answering the obvious with the profound.

Self-Taught Motivation (278)

Dedication to the craft. Whether that be design, development, photography, entrepreneurship, or some other creative project.

Mind the Body (258)

Beauty, health, awesomeness.

Life lessons (231)

There are meaningful lessons you learn along life’s paths—I believe that telling these stories brings self-clarity, that may inspire positive change in others.

How To Succeed (231)

Stories, how-to’s, guides and interviews on how to succeed at life.

Lessons I’ve Learned (197)

Everything we do teaches us something. Share your lessons with the world, regardless of where they stem from.

Learning for Life (173)

Musings on being a perpetual autodidact

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Coffee Time (714)

Short, quickly digestible, thought provoking reads for the coffee break. Productivity, design and creative focused. Submit as you’d like.

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Business & Marketing (768)

State-of-the-moment business advice, marketing intelligence, ideas, strategies, techniques, tips, tactics, inspiration, and anecdotes from people who kick ass and take names. Curated by serial entrepeneur Phil Autelitano, @PhilAutelitano

Digital Marketing: Social Media, Online, Internet, SEO (704)

Need to build backlinks for your websites? Don’t know the new trending in digital marketing? Follow this collection.

Online Marketing (622)

Articles and stories on internet marketing from some of the top individuals and businesses in the industry.

Thoughts on Digital Marketing (528)

Opinions on what’s out there for digital marketers

On Content Marketing… (511)

Social media, content & dialogue marketing chatter

Digital Advertising (212)

Thoughts and debates in online advertising

Social Media (142)

Social Media Marketing: Stories, how-tos, insight & wisdom from those who work with this digital marketing medium.

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Medium, Long (4.5K)

In-depth reporting, long-form essays, and other meaty reads

Medium Ideas (3.5K)

Tell us how Medium can be better

The Best of Medium (422)

The very best of the Medium community

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Editor’s Picks (563K)

Stories we think more people should notice. Edited by Medium staff. (At this time, we do not review unsolicited submissions.)

Best thing I found online today (10K)

A show and tell of the internet. Credit your source!

I. M. H. O. (8K)

The Editorial Page

Open Ticket (3.9K)

Essays. Fiction. Memoir. Sundries. Driving across the country. Meeting Truman Capote. Late-night radio, without the static.

Customer Dissatisfaction (2.9K)


General Writing: Idea, Thinking, Opinion (2.7K)

This is a collection for general writing, thinking, and opinions. Thanks for everyone supporting this collection. However, I will not accept all article requests in this collection for maintaining the quality. I reject some articles and place them into other collections.

Under 5 min reads (371)

A haven for short reads ☺

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World of Music (5.6K)

All things relating to music

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Korean Medium Post (672)

한국 Medium 사용자들의 글

Español de todo tipo (464)

Punto de partida de otras Colecciones. Ponte cómodo

In Italiano (244)

Messaggi in Italiano

En Français (234)

Le meilleur de Medium en français

In Deutsch (175)

Beiträge in Deutsch

Medium French Edition (174)

La communauté des rédacteurs français. Un endroit parfait pour vos ecrits.

En Español (130)

Los pensamientos tambien hablan español

Em Português (111)

“The sweet and gracious language” (Cervantes)

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Click the Shutter (6.4K)

A beautiful shot, a story, a technique… Feel free to share it, whatever it is.

Photography at it’s Best (348)

Every thing on and around photography that is truly insightful or helpful

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Leadership Journal (658)

Authentic Leadership. Make a Difference.

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Book Excerpts (5.8K)

Selections from forthcoming and recently published books

On Publishing (5.1K)

Where we discuss anything related to the publishing industry

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Medium Fiction (411)

A home for fiction on Medium.

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The Physics arXiv Blog (3.7K)

An alternative view of the best new ideas in science. About:

Looking Up (3.1K)

A home for people fascinated by the world above our heads. Curated by @duncangeere. If you’d like to submit an article for consideration, please email a draft to

African Makers (2K)

Inventors and ideas driving innovation around the continent

Best of Science (264)

Medium’s best stories about science and the world around us. Want to be considered? Submit your stories! Curated by @readmatter

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Boinkology 101 (3.5K)

Exploring the overlap between sex and tech.

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Software developer

On Coding (9.4K)

Thoughts about writing code

CSS Perverts (1.1K)

The most important articles about code and technology you’ll ever read.

The JavaScript Collection (962)

Writings about all things JavaScript from Node to jQuery.

Code adventures (609)

Code articles, tutorials, and rants.

Cyber Security (597)

Intrusions, injections, impersonations, persona capture depletion

Hackers and Hacking (589)

Sleepless weekend passion projects and the people who do them.

Let’s Make Things (200)

on the art & craft of constructing software

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Sports Page (2.6K)

A place for winners and losers, absolutes and ambiguity, opinions and fact, letters and numbers.

ESPN FC World Cup Stories (907)

Post your story here and it could be featured on Sign up at

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Design + Startups (13K)

Learnings. Musings. Stories.

on startups (12K)

building the dream

Thoughts on creativity (10K)

An amalgamation of thoughts on random aspects of creativity and the businesses that grow around it.

What I Learned Building (7.6K)

Stories from people who build things. Edited by: @matthendrick, @paperkary, @SpanishCurls, @mhauer, and @dustin. Get updates via twitter @LearnedBuilding.

Look What I Made (4.4K)

A place to share the results of your hard work.

Failure Inc (4K)


Product Management (1.5K)

Experiences, stories, and advice for those that wear many hats.

Startup Lessons Learned (1.1K)

Lessons learned the hard way — Curated by Michael Sacca

Startup + Design (972)

Startup and design related articles

Lean Startups, Entrepreneurs & The Lean Brand (918)

Build→Measure→Learn. Repeat. A space for lean thoughts, stories, and ideas. Curated by Jeremiah Gardner (author of The Lean Brand) & Ben Spear (founder of #BrandHack).

Startup Strategy (780)

Dedicated to Startup Strategy

Building Things on the Internet (773)

Curated by @bkrall —Picks of the best posts about building things on the web.

Startup Tales (606)

Wisdom and insight I’m collecting to help me be a better entrepreneur.

Design of a web business (562)

This collection is all about building a tech business on web, from idea to exit

Products I Wish Existed (555)

There is so much to be built, designed, and improved!

Startups – Tips and Tricks (353)

The startup era is here! So let’s help each other by sharing some tips and tricks! Ever tried launching a startup? What went wrong? What you did well! Tell us! Tell us anything! Tell us everything! Any experience can help someone, so don’t hesitate…

Startup Shenanigans (209)

Anything having to do with startups: life, work, play, successes and failures, lessons and accidental discoveries. If you think startup folks need to know, share. Don’t promote your own companies, but by all means, do promote cool projects.

The Startup Life (112)

Experiences and learnings from thoughtful startup explorers.

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Tech Talk (10K)

A little something about some aspect of computer programming or the technology business in general. More techie more better.

New Media (8.5K)

How are people getting their information?

Mobile Culture (8.5K)

The evolution of the new first screen

We Live in the Future (7.4K)

Appreciating how far things have come

People & Gadgets (6.9K)

All about people, gadgets, and the difficult relationship between them

War is Boring (4K)

From drones to AKs, high technology to low politics, exploring how and why we fight above, on and below an angry world.

Apple Daily  (1.2K)

Thoughts, stories and opinions about Apple.

Technology and Society (988)

Talking about technology and society as more than gadgets & features. Conversations on social interactions of technology, not just the latest toy or the hottest start-up. Also not the place to write about how to make a little more money or be more productive in your job.

Mobile, Apps and Future (443)

Mobile is going to change everything. Pondering the biggest impact points, players and consumer motivations to figure out the winners and losers of this game.

Tech Blogging (289)

Basically a collection of Bitchmemes.

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Roaming the Earth (5.9K)

travelling to the crossroads

Travel Writers (709)

A place for travel writers to hang out and tell their tales, whether it is the great adventure, exploring the Acropolis, sailing between Greek Islands, freezing in Red Square, climbing Steep Hill to Lincoln Cathedral, or tea in a tea shop in the old part of Istanbul.

Estimated Time of Arrival (626)

Writings about travel, including the people we’ve met, the places we’ve seen, and the gear that helped us get there. Photo: General view, Aber Fall (Wales), via Library of Congress, Flickr

The Travels We Write About (453)

Medium’s Best Travel Stories, travel writing and write-ups about traveling. Submit your travel story to this collection too!

Travel & Hospitality (183)

All about Travel and Hospitality

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Freelance Life (7.1K)

Making it in the new economy

Career Pathing (6.9K)

Planning, navigating, and altering your career journey. From someone who’s still learning the way.

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Writers on Writing (9.1K)

A space for writers to address their craft

Thoughts On Journalism (617)

Taking on the problems and challenges in journalism. Spreading ideas, passions and new ways of thinking of journalism.

Writing about Writing (334)

Written Writing About Writing for Writers

On Content (291)

Creating meaningful, interactive experiences by getting the right content to the right individual at the right time. This is how it’s done.

Poetry & Prose (224)

Open you mind, give your thoughts wings and pen down your mind!

Writings in Fiction (193)

A collection of fiction writings

The Poetry Collective (158)

Poetry in all its forms and non-forms

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27 thoughts on “List of Medium collections

  1. thank you! That was very helpful- I’m a bit surprised there’s not a better way to do this built in on the site…

  2. Thanks so hard to find stuff on medium. List is missing one big and my personal fav; Matter with 9k+ followers. I don’t know how you would classify it though.

    1. Sure Lilliputian.

      I didn’t add that on purpose, since from what I understand it’s what Medium started off from (they bought it?), so it’s not really a collection like all the other ones.


  3. Great list, you did us all a very good deed! Wondering why Creativity isn’t on your list–there are quite a few collections devoted to it, when I search for it (and it’s the area I’m most interested in). Thanks for creating this!

    1. Sure, Alexander!

      This is mostly for submitting, so I focused on number of subscribers… I guess those don’t have a lot of subscribers?

      Do you have an example?


      1. You’re right, the “creativity” collections, for the most part, have fewer than 500 members (do a search on creativity to come up with them) but here’s one that breaks the mold: Thoughts on Creativity with 10K following (!)

        Again, a great job you did compiling all of this. I use it whenever I’m submitting my stories—all best, Jann

  4. Super helpful, just started to follow at least 10 new collections! And sent an email to the Medium team to implement a similar approach to finding collections! :)

    Many thanks for sharing!

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