I know nothing

I know nothing.

I’m a web consultant from Florence, Italy.

I do know some stuff—but mainly I know nothing.

I have done a lot of web developing, and some web marketing, product management, and I’m working on a couple of products myself. I’m also an amateur video-maker (meaning that I own an EOS 550D and love to do videos).

I don’t have any particular degree. I finished high school in the States in one day by getting a GED (knowing little to no English), and went on to study business administration.

While in college, I started becoming fascinated by the Web and programming. I taught myself HTML/CSS, PHP and MySQL at night and went back to Italy instead of finishing my degree, and have been working as a web consultant ever since (which was 2004).

Things are easy once you understand how they really work

I want to do things, and I’m fascinated by how things work behind the scenes. When you know the inner workings, everything becomes simpler, and eventually you get it.

From there, you go onto progressively more complicated stuff, and before you know it you can do things you’d never thought you could do a couple of months before.

I have a vision: to have this service where anyone can create web content and applications—without having to know a lot of programming, by using APIs. I want to embark in this project, and since it will require a lot of very diverse abilities I’ll take the opportunity to refresh and improve my web development skills and learn new things.

I want to focus on knowing a few things well. Right now I picked JavaScript to start. I want to know it inside out. After that, I’ve looked into cloud computing, and will probably go on to learn CoreOS, Docker and Deis very well (unless I find something more interesting).

Learn how the smallest component works, to be able to get the big picture and know what’s going on.

Follow along

I want to share what I learn.

I’ll break it down like I break it down in my head to make it simple for me to understand, and create an article or video. Writing about it is the best way for me to really learn something, but perhaps somebody will benefit from my work and experience, too.

Right now, the audience for this could be front-end/back-end developers, webmasters, and people fascinated by web technologies that know a little about webdev and programming concepts.

I’ll try to write as I learn things. Follow along–I’m not that smart, you’ll be fine :-)


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