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Why DevOps?

As a developer, it might be kind of weird to start learning about servers, since that’s the last thing you usually need (you can develop locally for months and then deploy when everything’s ready, specially if you’re experimenting with stuff).

However, I see it as the foundation that supports it all (from a technological point of view): if you don’t have a server, you can’t have anything running online. For this, I decided to tackle this topic first.

I wanted the right infrastructure to start with, so that I could experiment with everything else.


You could also argue that with all the solutions out there that allow you to deploy anything with a few clicks it might not make a lot of sense to learn how the whole thing is done—and you would probably be right—but I’m here to learn.


These are roughly all the things that I’d like to learn and build.

1. Private IaaS

1.1 Redundant DNS

1.2 Cluster

1.2.1 CoreOS

1.2.2 systemd

1.2.3 Docker

1.2.4 etcd

1.2.5 confd

1.2.6 Logging (ELK)

1.2.7 Monitoring (Sensu)

1.2.8 Metrics (Statsd, Librato or Graphite)

1.3 Orchestration



2. PaaS

2.1 base container

2.2 deploy containers

3. BaaS

3.1 Deployd

3.2 Usergrid

4. Make everything available via API

4.1 OAuth

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