Installing Tomcat7 on Ubuntu Trusty

Installing Tomcat on Ubuntu Trusty

Assuming you’ve already done:

  1. /devops/initial-server-setup-trusty/

Installing Tomcat was unbelievably easy:

sudo apt-get install tomcat7 -y

Since Tomcat didn’t pick it up, I also had to specify JAVA_HOME in Tomcat by editingĀ /etc/default/tomcat7:

# The home directory of the Java development kit (JDK). You need at least
# JDK version 1.5. If JAVA_HOME is not set, some common directories for
# OpenJDK, the Sun JDK, and various J2SE 1.5 versions are tried.

Clustering seems a lot more work, so I’m probably going to tackle that in the future:

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